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Contender 9: Stop CO2 at its largest point source: Power Plants

Capture CO2 BEFORE it gets in the Atmosphere, Duhh!FutureGen - Tomorrow's Pollution-Free Power Plant

Contender 9: Stop CO2 at its largest point source: Power Plants

FutureGen is an initiative to build the world's first
integrated sequestration and hydrogen production research power plant.

The $1 billion dollar project is intended to create
the world's first zero-emissions fossil fuel plant.
When operational, the prototype will be the cleanest
fossil fuel fired power plant in the world.

The initiative is a response to President Bush's directive
to draw upon the best scientific research to address the issue
of global climate change.

The production of hydrogen will support the President's call
to create a hydrogen economy and fuel pollution free vehicles;

and the use of coal will help ensure America's energy security
by developing technologies that utilize a plentiful domestic resource.

US Dept of Energy (DOE) Research project

Western Europe's biggest coal power plant tackles CO2

Feb 16, 2007

By Daniel Fineren

LONDON (Reuters) - Western Europe's biggest carbon emitter, the Drax coal-fired power plant in north Yorkshire, is cleaning up its act with technology available now, rather than banking on untried carbon capture, Drax Power's chief executive said.

"We think its really important that we take practical, immediate steps rather than following the debate of the future," Dorothy Thompson said in an interview.

We think we need to play our part in delivering a low carbon future in the UK," she said.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is seen as a quick fix for climate change, in which coal-fired power stations could catch the greenhouse gases they create before they reach the atmosphere, then stuff them into storage sites under the seabed.

Power Plants need to take practical, immediate steps like the Drax coal-fired power plant in north Yorkshire, UK is doing.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS), what is it and why are we interested?

BBC: Clean coal technology: How it works

IEA Clean Coal Centre Website

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